Solar Buddy is a registered international charity based in Brisbane   and they contact  service organisations like Rotary to connect local schools with other children and families throughout the world who live in energy poverty. This is their Buddy2Buddy program which starts with one small light given from one child here to another living without electricity, and our schools have chosen PNG students to receive their lights.

This program teaches students about solar technology, how the solar cells interact with the rechargeable batteries and the LED lights through the PCB circuits, and how such lights can change lives where homes do not have mains electricity.  Only 20% of the whole PNG population has access to regular electricity, mostly in larger towns, but in rural areas, it is only 6%. These small remote communities would only have smoky kerosene or expensive disposable battery lighting at night, so health, cost & safety issues limit children being able to read or do homework at night​

Project leaders Ross Thomas and Brian Becconsall of Kenmore Rotary are keen to support local students in their understanding of sustainable development and to develop international linkages with neighboring countries.  This fits in to Rotary’s motto “Service above Self” and their 4th Object- “Advancement of International Understanding, Goodwill and Peace “.