The main aspects and opportunities of this MoU can be summarised as follows:

For the Rotary Clubs:

• Member volunteering opportunities

• Member fundraising to support direct projects at the Refuge

• Assistance with needs of Shelter's clients including (for example):

o provision of play equipment, storage facilities, equipment

o Member fundraising for cash donations to run programs or training for women in the refuge

o Vouchers for outings for the children, of Shelter's clients especially school holidays

o One off type of assistance for families who are clients of Shelter with special needs

o Hampers and gifts for each family who are clients of Shelter at Christmas 

For the WCSSI:

• Provision of anecdotes and information about client outcomes for the Rotary Clubs to use across internal club communications, media and website.

• Provision of a logo and/or blurb for use on the Rotary Clubs' website and the Challenge DV website

• Offer volunteer opportunities for members of the Rotary Clubs where appropriate and agreed to by both the Shelter and the Rotary Clubs

• Provision of annual data to Challenge DV and the Rotary Clubs, relating to the number of clients supported and their outcomes, contributions from partnership activities, and anecdotes/stories.

• Provision of report outlining expenditure of financial contributions.

For Challenge CV:

• Provide recognition at the commencement of the Partnership on website and social media.

• Provide updates on partnerships, events, successes, and relevant information.

• Communicate quarterly by email, phone or face-to-face.

• Organise a formal meeting once per year to review the Partnership.

• Facilitate the gathering of statistics and anecdotes from the Shelter for sharing with the Rotary Clubs.

In May 2022 the Ipswich Women’s Shelter faced the challenge of mould contaminating theentire compound because of flooding in the area and the prolonged extreme humidity. For the

sake of the families’ health being sheltered for a short period in this institution, the 5 units and

the common areas of the shelter required an urgent deep clean and preventative treatment

against mould, which Rotary could provide thanks to its Flood Disaster Fund in the District in

June 2022.


Multiple donations of new clothes for women and children could be provided to the refuge due

to the generosity of Rotary members during the year 2022/2023.

The costs of a child’s emergency medical intervention were covered in August 2022.

At the WCSSI’s AGM on 2 November 2022 the efforts of both Rotary Clubs were acknowledged.

As part of the Rotary inter-cluster Domestic Abuse committee’s joint District Grant application,

a cubby house as the beginning of the refurbishment of the playground at the refuge was set

up in a joint working bee on 16 December 2022. This was very much appreciated by the kids at

the refuge.




As part of the next joint District Grant Stage 1 of the refurbishment of the playground

infrastructure could be completed on 10 May 2023

The next joint application for a District Grant (May 2023) is asking for support of the Stage 2 of

the refurbishment of the playground replacing the old softfall covers with new artificial grass.


In summary:

1. Mould cleaning (total cost $2800 -District emergency fund paid the cost in full)

2. Catherine Johns presenting to the Kenmore Club 2 August 2022

3. Catherine Johns presented to the Karana-Bellbowrie Club 10 October 2022

4. Kenmore clothes donation 2 August 2022

5. Kenmore clothes donation 30 August 2022

6. Support of medical intervention (Kenmore $200) on 22 August

7. Tony and Gary from Karana Bellbowrie picked up a donated leather lounge suite from Chapel Hill and delivered it to the shelter

8. Rotary MoU acknowledged at WCSSI AGM on 2 November 2022 in presence of Karana-Bellbowrie and Kenmore Clubs.

9. Kenmore clothes donation 14 November 2022

10. Rotary Photographic Competition, 24 November 2022 (Karana Bellbowrie and Kenmore together $1700 -for Stage 1 playground refurbishment)

11. Setting up cubby house (total cost $2296 -District Grant $1148 – Kenmore and Karana Bellbowrie each $574) 16 December 2022

12. Kenmore clothes donation (Anne Maree) 15 February 2023

13. Introduction of Doug Andersson as Rotary volunteer solicitor for WCSSI

14. Kenmore clothes and Easter egg hunt donation 28 March 2023

15. Kenmore clothes donation (2TMAB) 4 April 2023

16. Installation of sandpit (Stage 1) of playground refurb (total cost $14.500 / total of $1,400 Kenmore and Karana Bellbowrie each including the revenue from the Photo Competition) 8-10 May 2023

17. Kenmore clothes donation 16 May 2023

18. Catherine Johns presenting to the Kenmore club 16 May 2023

19. Catherine Johns presented to the Karana-Bellbowrie Club 5 June, 2023

20. June 23 – Gary and Tony (Karana Bellbowrie) – made repairs to cubby, applied a coat of timber preservative, replaced nails with screws for better longevity

21. Applicationfor District Grant Stage 2 playground refurbishment (total cost $6000 / $3000 -District Grant $1500 plus Kenmore and Karana Bellbowrie each $750) 31 May 2023

Total amount allocated to the partnership with WCSSI by Rotary is $10,636. Amount allocated by RC Kenmore since signing of the partnership MoU: $4,424. The Kenmore In 2022 the Kenmore Rotary Charitable Trust made an additional donation to the WCSSI of $2,000.